PC Support

We'll tune up your PC to keep you working (or playing) at top speed. Visit our PC Support page for a list of our services.

Web Sites

We build web sites to suit your company or organization's individual needs. We understand that your web site needs to be different from everybody else's.


Need help setting up a secure network at your home or office? We're here to help! We can also set up a wireless network for you. In addition, we can configure a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that will allow employees to securely access files on your office server from anywhere.

Server Administration

We'll help you keep your Servers running smoothly so that you can work on your business, not your computers.

Servers need regular maintenance. Let us provide ongoing service to keep your important data and applications available when you need them.


We can teach computer concepts to normal people :-)

Software Selection

Most common computing tasks can be  performed with Free, Open Source Software (FOSS). Let us help you select the best Free, Open Source Software for your needs. You could save hundreds of dollars per user by choosing FOSS solution instead of expensive commercial software.

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